Jag Älskar Djur: Min Dressyrskola [Sw] Nordic License Toys 2008

I love animals: My dressage school - Just like at a dressage school, you train your dog, look after him and teach him important commands and arts. You will soon learn to love him. Look so sweet the little old man jumps over obstacles, plays with the different toys, sits and gives you beautiful paws, and much more! He is so happy that you teach him so much and he would do anything for you. Just look at how your dog gets smarter and smarter. You can win fantastic prizes and print out a real dog diploma when your dog has passed all 10 field competitions. The lifelike 3D graphics make it feel like you were actually there. Choose your favorite breed: Labrador, Dachshund, Dalmatian or Chihuahua. Play 10 Authentic Dog Training Branches: Agility, Ball Hunting, Air ball, Capture Frisbee - Command Exam, Dog Labyrinth, Track dog, Dog Ducks, Dog Detective, Dog Hunt.
Swedish ISO Demo 139MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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