True Tales of Bloodstreet 13, The Alterego Games 2019

Chapter 1 you follow detective Deacon Darnell as he tries to reconstruct the scene and solve the case of the horrific night on Bloodstreet 13. On that night a group of people got locked in a brothel with no means to escape. Replay the scene from multiple perspectives, play out the choices of each character and uncover what happened. Who or what was responsible for the horror that took place that night? Features: Play as 5 different characters, each with their own part in this story; Crack a tough and challenging social puzzle; A deep and multi-branching story line set in a real location in Amsterdam; The player’s choices and actions will change the fate of the characters; Engage in an interactive environment full of clues and hints that can help you in solving this mystery. This was made during a game jam collaboration between three Dutch indie-game studios; Sneaky Mammoth, Lunar Brothers and Alterego Games. Alterego Games later remastered and finished chapter one of the story.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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