Daemon Detective Gaiden 2 Yal 2019

When the latest exhibit of the New Magma City Art Museum has its grand opening, it doesn't take long until people are going missing. And new, undocumented paintings start showing up in the collection... so well made, it feels like you could get lost in those worlds forever. When the ordinary New Magma City penguin police force can't make nor heads nor tails out of this supernatural case, the ragtag band of teenage private investigators over at Daemon Detectives, Inc. gets called in to save the day once again. This is an action platformer where you fight enemies and jump your way through obstacles, trying to not only make your way to the finish line with your hide intact, but also retrieve as many of the hidden paintings in each world as humanly possible. Coins obtained in the levels can be spent on a variety of powerups to help even the odds, and every character has an unique ability that alters their gameplay style drastically. As you defeat the bosses of each world, you gradually piece together not only the final boss' lair, but also the dark history behind its creation. Features: Local co-op for up to 4 players! Also comes with a VS mode; 12 playable characters with unique skills - Find your favorite and put an unique spin to your platforming adventure; Over 70 hand-crafted levels to explore and a dozen bosses to overcome; Non-linear progression where worlds can be completed in any order and you can skip almost half of the collectibles; Tons of different powerups to mess around with; Quality hand-made 16-bit visuals and music; Assist mode that lets you dial down various aspects of the game difficulty as you see fit for a smoother experience, or dial them up past the normal max values to turn DDG2 into a proper rage-game; Fully customizable controls; Use Xinput gamepads straight outta the box, cram four players around a single keyboard, or anything in between; Lots of unlockable secrets; Speedrunner-friendly automatic timekeeping that bookmarks the time you first beat the game, and the time you 100%-ed it.
Level Demo (uploaded by Itch.io)

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