Shovel Knight: King of Cards Yacht Club Games 2019

This is the last expansion to Shovel Knight and can be purchased either separately or as a part of the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove pack. A player assumes the role of the titular King of Cards, who – similarly to the main protagonists featured in the previous expansions – is one of the bosses the Shovel Knight has to defeat in the base game. This time around, players observe the action from the perspective of his royal highness and learn how the main protagonist got to sit on his throne. To prove his rights to the crown, he has to defeat three usurpers from the neighboring lands. The main protagonist, however, moves and fights in a slightly different way than the previous heroes. His signature move is the short charge, with which he stuns the enemies and destroys some of the obstacles on the map. He also has a special ability – he can perform a pirouette on enemies' heads multiple times (it somewhat resembles the "shovel jump" from the base game). As one progresses through the story, he acquires more powerful weapons, armor, and new companions. Another interesting element is the minigame in which, one can play cards with NPCs. The main story campaign comprises thirty new levels divided into four different worlds. Moreover, players can test their skills (involving both combat and puzzle solving) in the specially designed challenges.
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