PostPet 2001 [J] Sony Communication Network 2001

More than a game, it is a kind of webmail client and tamagotchi / virtual pet thingy. It has pretty cute graphics and characters. The pet carries your email like a carrier pigeon. If you have a post pet, your pet will appear in the other party. Furthermore, when a pet grows, she writes mails to her owner and owners' friends on their own. Mail software that's similar to bringing dogs to the park and makes their owners get along well with each other. Besides that, it is made to use various protocols of e-mail, so that various events are generated by interlocking mails and web servers. You can give your pets a treat, give discipline, and care for a variety of things. It later came preinstalled on Sony 's VAIO series, Apple' s iMac etc, and it expanded its habitat. It was first released in 1996 and was quite popular in Japan but fell into obscurity years later.
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Japanese ISO Demo 6MB (uploaded by FelixFerret98)
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