Hugo: Jungle Island 4 [PL] ITE Media, APS / 1C, Cenega 2004

The fourth installment in the Jungle Island subseries that takes children for an adventure in a picturesque jungle. This time around, their task is to help Hugo organize a tropical party. In order to prepare nearly every important element of a successful party, a young player has to play a number of arcade mini-games. In “Hugo Goes Fishing”, as the title suggests, we go fishing to stock the party’s buffet, so as to everyone can satisfy their hunger. The second one, “Jean Paul’s Wedding Band”, is focused on finding the right key, so all participants can have fun to good music. In the third one, the player has to jump from one tree to another in search of ingredients for a tasty fruit salad. The last two ones are well-known from the TV series. “Secrets of the Ocean” and “Magic Hands” focus on collecting as many diamonds as possible, and freeing Hugolina and kids.
Polish ISO Demo 242MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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