Resin rinberd 2017

This is an action-adventure game with a core mechanic of losing power as you progress through the game. It's an adventure game with a heavy focus on combat and exploration. The main feature of the game is regressive gameplay. As you defeat bosses, the protagonist gradually loses power, health and speed, forcing you to adapt to the ever-changing mechanics. Art and story are heavily influenced by manga Blame!, and gameplay is inspired by such games as Dark Souls, Demon's Crest and other metroidvanias. The events of the game are set in a fading world dominated by creatures who generate Warmth, one of the few remaining energy resources. The protagonist of the game is an android made of a substance called Resin. She is programmed to destroy the last living Warmth generators. On the other hand, she needs Warmth to continue existing. Non-linear exploration - The game features an open, branching world, allowing the player to lay out their own journey and return to previously visited places.
Full Demo 28MB (uploaded by roioros)

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