Vermillion Watch: Moorgate Accord Eipix Entertainment / Big Fish Games 2016

You are the last descendant of the well-respected Hawkes family. Raised by your uncle Ernest in blissful ignorance of his secret life and your late parents turbulent past, this is all bound to change once he decides to set you on the rite of passage into the shadowy slums of London. Left alone to pick up the pieces of the past, you are left with one distinctive and ominous conclusion they can all be traced back to Vermillion Watch, the secret league assembled to protect the Queen and the country from insidious enemies that hide in plain sight. Take a trip to the dark side of the smog enshrouded city and meet a familiar cast of characters from classical British fiction. Can you discern a friend from foe? Can you unveil the terrible secrets uncle Ernest kept from you and earn your rightful place in the Vermillion Watch?
Collector's Edition v1.0 888MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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