Strawberry Magic Makh-shevet / Scops Software Ltd 1995

In this kid's adventure game, a boy Ronnie receives from his teacher a very unusual task for the summer holidays - he must learn magic. Being in a depressed state of mind and not seeing ways out of this situation, after classes he sits down under a tree and starts crying from grief - but almost immediately stops hearing the question: “Why are you wetting me?”. This question is asked him by anthropomorphic garden strawberries which the player met a little earlier (in the introductory video). The boy told the berry about his misfortune, and she told him about his own: it turns out that she comes from a magical country, which can be reached through a secret tunnel, and only comes to the world of people when she is bored. Now, in this country, some strange and incomprehensible things are happening. Strawberries will teach Ronnie to conjure, and he will go with her to her world and help to understand the events taking place there. With the power of his spell, the berry turns Ronnie into the same berry, and they are transferred to the magical lands. The goal of this quest is for kids to develop spatial orientation, logical thinking, visual memory and other useful skills. We have to manage Ronnie in the guise of a pixel berry traveling through pre-rendered locations with a third-person view; if the cursor takes the form of a yellow arrow pointing in one direction or another, then by clicking the left mouse button the protagonist will move in a given direction, which will be shown in the form of a small video; if instead of the cursor a white hand appeared, it means that you can do something with an object or object located nearby. The gameplay consists of wandering around the locations of a magical country, dialogues with its inhabitants, receiving tasks from them, some of which need to be done immediately, and part (as it turns out) - just to “remember” (apparently, memory training) to decide later when suitable conditions will arise for this (for example, any items will be found - inventory is provided). For example, the first task you encounter - picking up a train model from pieces on a magnetic board - seems to be initially impossible (and your strawberry mentor says the same thing), because she lacks all the details; the second task - to help an anthropomorphic pepper to find his house - is doable, but only if you listen to his “introduction” very carefully and understand the language by ear (though you can solve it by simply looking at the options); third, to help the wizard find the book of magic, due to the loss of which all the troubles began, is already a plot; and so on. There are even implicit educational moments: for example, if you knock on the door, then the strawberry tutor will gently subdue you for being rude and offer to use the call.
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