Heaven, Hell and the Neitherworld / Limbo Matt Barker / Because Because Games 2015

"Hello there, I'm death. One day I was busy reaping souls and taking them to their suitable afterlife, be it Heaven, Hell, or the in-between place known as the Neitherworld. However not so long ago an evil being with a ridiculous and overly long name decided to start stealing souls for their own purposes! This is, naturally, really screwing up my filing system in my office. The latest victim to lose their soul is a man only known as Agent Brent. If Agent Brent dies now, without a soul, he will cease to exist! His goal is to reclaim his soul from the hideous soul stealer who dwells in the plane of existence known as Limbo!" Not so secret, secret Agent Brent finds his soul taken by an evil entity with an overly long name too long to mention here. Agent Brent must travel to Hell, Heaven and the neutral plane Neitherworld to reclaim his soul, because otherwise it will really mess up Death's paperwork.
Free Game 54MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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