UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure Outright Games 2019

A funny action adventure game based on a license of animated films for the youngest from the UglyDolls series. Itn offers randomly logical puzzles, randomly generated content, generated boards and cooperation mode. The city of Uglyville is besieged by a gang of inoperative robots who accidentally get there from Perfection. Players assume the roles of the heroic Moxy and Ox, who with the help of their UglyDolls try to fight off the threat. Players observe the in-game world from different perspectives, but most often from the third person perspective. Players control Moxy or Ox, but during the game they also meet many of their crazy friends, such as Babo, Ice Bat, Wage, and Ugly Dog. It's about exploring the 3D environment and placing traps to catch the robots roaming around the city of Uglyville - this usually requires coping with simple logical challenges. When fighting the enemies players can use items that can be both found and created. It offers randomly generated levels (they look similar in terms of the visuals, but the street layout changes). As the game progresses, players also discover new locations featuring different styles - thanks to that, despite a certain repeatability and relative simplicity in the mechanical layer, the game does not become too monotonous. It has interesting graphic design that creatively combines 2D and 3D elements. The locations are designed in full 3D, but the characters moving around them resemble two-dimensional images taken out of the cartoon.
Download: None currently available

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