Feeble Saga, A Ayrik / Wasatch Games 2019

Early Access Release Before the Saga began, the Elder Gods reigned in the heavens. One of the Elder gods, Goth-Azul - known as the God of Death - rebelled against the established. The Gods created a prison orb, called Gaia, and imprisoned Goth-Azul deep within its core. But before being imprisoned, Goth-Azul gave the secret of the power of the Elders to a lesser god, Xethos Nom. Together with four other lesser Gods, Xethos used the secret to destroy the Elder Gods, and they claimed the heavens for themselves. The new gods fought bitterly over who was to rule in the heavens, each creating their own creatures to battle over Gaia. Some fought to defend the orb, as to prevent Goth-Azul's escape. The others, however, aimed for its destruction, hoping that by releasing Goth-Azul, they can rule the heavens together. This is the world in which you live. As a human, you are the common-race, known for your neutrality in the great war, and also known for seeking one thing: Glory. You begin as an aspiring adventurer, visiting a remote village in need of a hero. Their lands have been overrun by wild beasts, not knowing of the great evil building beneath them. Defeating this evil will take you farther than you ever expected, on a journey across the land where you will discover the hero inside yourself, and become a great hero whose name will never be forgotten. Explore an expansive world full of beauty and history. Reveal hidden treasures that have been lost to time. Traverse through ancient ruins left by the Elder Gods, giants, demons, and ancient civilizations. Delve into its many caves and recover legendary relics thought never to have existed. Increase your strength, as you battle a variety of fearsome beasts and people alike. Outwit your enemies and exploit their weaknesses as you fight to uncover the evil they represent. Fulfill the desires of the townsfolk to earn their favor and obtain the heroic glory you seek. Use the treasure you collect, to purchase upgraded weapons and armor, or magic potions and scrolls. Delve into the depths of a ancient tombs, ruins, and temples believed to be inhabited by evil demons, witches, and sorcerers. Become a part of the world's history by defeating evil and earning the title of a renowned hero.
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