Barkanoid 3 Gold magnussoft Deutschland GmbH 2007

This breakout game offers a gaudy collections of bricks. To reduce the number of bricks a ball and a bat are used. The next level will be reached after breaking the bricks. Breezy winged creatures and fierce shapes try to get in your way. There are more than 60 different upgrades and boni you can collect, but beware, not everyone of them is helpful. This offers new multiplayer experience via Hot-Seat. Of course it's still possible to play solo, over the internet or LAN. We added a lot of new options. You are able to fully customize the game to your own liking: It does not matter which one of the six different sets of stone you choose or if you feel like playing without intelligent enemies, everything is possible. You can even play your own music while playing. We also added a special easy mode for children. It does not only lower the difficulty, it even changes the graphics into a children-friendly mode.
ISO Demo 100MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 100MB (uploaded by redunka)

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