Playmobil: The Big Treasure Hunt Playmobil Interactive / Avanquest Software 2005

Join the PLAYMOBIL kids Laura and Alex on their exciting adventure through the pirate road. No food and water, drifting on a raft in the middle of the ocean that's not quite how they'd pictured pirate life. But luckily a pirate ship sails past. Now they just have to get aboard somehow. You can help them. Before the big treasure hunt with Capt'n Alex and navigator Laura can start, the two have to outwit the wicked and seasick Capt'n blackbeard, steal his 'Vomiting Syrup' and take over command of the ship. They can join them for ten exciting games, at four different levels, and help them hunt for the pirates' treasure. There are two extra games for your additional entertainment, with lots of fun extras as a reward.
Playmobil: Die grosse Schattzsuche - German ISO Demo 828MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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