Josefin SkolhjÀlp: Matematik 2 - Sifferjakten [Sw] Kreagames 2008

Practice counting with Josefin. The auditor The number coffee machine has broken down. Without coffee, Numrik cannot count. You get different math details while you collect the parts for the coffee machine. Content: Menu (number - count - values); Sorting game (number, plus and minus - equal - different); Magic with Sofus (count - number); Schoolyard (plus and minus); Swing spider (order - plus and minus); Bus ride (action counting). It teaches your child numerical values, counting, addition and subtraction, as well as sorting numbers. Josefin is the perfect teacher, she always encourages the children to try again and guides them safely through the tasks. There are opportunities to play at three levels of difficulty, which means that all children - regardless of the level of knowledge - can reach results right away. The children's progress and results can be followed through the feedback system for the parents.
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)

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