Josefin SkolhjÀlp: Rymden planettjuvarna [Sw] Kreagames 2009

This time, Josephin's adventure unfolds in space. Josefin and Putte are greeting their extraterrestrial friends the professor and his nephew Fredo when something incredibly strange happens - all the planets in the solar system are stolen by some cheeky planetary thieves. Now, a hunt begins to save all the planets and at the same time gather knowledge of space that Josefin must have in order to advance on his adventure. The game is packed with exciting facts and fun games. Children learn about: Our planets in the solar system; Kometer, black holes and other exciting space phenomena; Astronauts; Stars and constellations.
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)

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