Josefin SkolhjÀlp: Svenska 2 - Bevingade Ord [Sw] Kreagames 2008

Practice reading and spelling with Josefin. Through exciting tasks where you will help Josefin find and put together all the aircraft parts, you will practice both reading and writing. The game includes: Menu (alphabet - first letter in words); Chipmunk (phonetics - spelling, 2-5 letters); Turntable (letters missing in different words - spelling - phonetics); The sorting game (vocal - consonant - first letter - number of letters); Action spelling game (spelling, 2- 5 Letters - Action Games); Story (Learn to Read - Insert Letters / Words). A top game in Swedish because: Your children learn letters and spelling in a fun way; Josephine is the perfect teacher - she always encourages kids to try again and will guide them through tasks; There are three difficulty levels, so that all children, regardless of skill level, can achieve results immediately; can check the children's progress and results via the parent feedback system; You can set the play time (parental control); for kids 6-12 years.
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)

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