Josefin Skolhjälp: Trafiksäkerhet 2 - Säker på Cykel [Sw] Kreagames 2010

Learn to travel safely on a bicycle in traffic. Josefin has got a summer job as a bike bid. But before she can call herself a bike bid, she must do the bike bid test. There are many fun challenges to ride with Josefin through the city. This includes being able to recognize a dangerous traffic situation, helping children to ride properly, finding the right equipment for the bike and learning about brake distances. At the same time, you should guide Josefin around the city and complete tasks for its inhabitants. In SAFE ON BICYCLE, the children learn: Traveling safely on the bike; Cycling equipment; Traffic rules; Recognizing dangerous situations; Brom stretches on different surfaces. Multiple mini games: Check the bike; Dangerous situations; The forgotten intersection; Brake game; Mission The bid test. When the traffic score meter is full, can you go to the bid test - maybe you can do it?
Swedish ISO Demo included in Josefin PC Spel Pack 3.56GB (uploaded by Legends World)

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