Grim Tales 16: Outcasts Elephant Games / Big Fish Games 2019

Release Date: TBA To help Luisa solve the case of missing artifact, Anna goes to meet her at the museum. Luisa remembers a man coming to check the storeroom last week, but the police couldn't see him on the CCTV cameras; only Anna can see two teenagers on the footage. Touching an origami elephant the thieves left behind, Anna goes straight to their past. She learns that they are a part of "The Outcasts", a group consists of four people with special abilities. They have stolen artifacts from the local museum in order to help them control their powers. Searching their hideout, Anna discovers that one of them is Jared, Jackie's twin brother who is supposed to die at birth. At the present, Anna goes to the Outcasts' hideout to learn the truth about Jared. But before she could talk to him, she is attacked by Thunder, the leader of the Outcasts as he and Jared escape.
Download: None currently available

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