Detectives United 2: The Darkest Shrine Elephant Games / Big Fish Games 2019

All lovers of detective investigations and old and good familiar characters are very lucky. Because the "League of Detectives", which included many well-known and beloved professional agents and just amateurs: Anna Gray and Papa the skull, calm and sensible James Blackthorne and mysterious and sharp-tongued agent Dorian Brown. A new task arrived at night, which was quite typical for their service. The only thing that was strange and not quite normal was that the signal came simultaneously from three different places. Three agents decided to split up and visit each of the three times. Anna Gray took over a place called Vlackhill. Agent Brown took over the Alps, not failing to pry Agent James Blackthorne by doing this only because he is afraid of heights. James appreciated the joke and said that he then remains at the shelter of St. Mary, in which, as he remembered, Anna's niece studied. All three immediately went to the places of their investigations, and the first to arrive was James Blakthorne. And for a start, he decided to explore the territory of the shelter in order to identify all possible foci of paranormal activity.
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