Kelly Club Random Games Inc. / Vivendi Games 2001

Join Kelly and her friends at the "Kelly Club" tree house, where ordinary objects such as a unicorn mobile and a fish bowl are transformed into imaginative play worlds of adventure. Travel downriver with Kelly and Chelsie as they navigate the river rescuing animals, help Sir Tommy gather bouquets of flowers for the Princess, and relax at a special tea party at which you choose all the decorations and china. There are a total of eight magical worlds to explore, each with its own set of activities.The difficulty level gradually increases with the user's skill level. Children discover eight fun but limited activities by clicking on objects at the Kelly Club tree house. At Mermaid Lagoon, for instance, they search for five objects hidden in a colorful water scene. In other activities, kids catch falling stars with matching colors and find lost baby animals by steering a boat through mazes. There are snowmen and unicorns to decorate and a flower-picking arcade game.
ISO Demo + Scans 76MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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