Kalas Med Rut & Knut [Sw] Ztorm 2012

Join the gymnasium, the kitchen and the garden plot. In the wind is something exciting waiting to be discovered? A funky program for all girls and boys from 5 years. The program includes: 15 exercises, 3 difficulty levels; My friends albums and 3 small games; The music machine, where you create shows and become a party fixer. You practice at: Word knowledge and word comprehension; Letter forms and sounds; Merge words; Rim, rams and music; Small word reading, sentence building; Concepts; Position , number perception and order number; Similarities, differences, fractions and pattern combinations; Sorting and classification; Composition words. Rut & Knut were created by Carin Wirsén, math picture and special teacher and Stina Wirsén, illustrator. Rut & Knut is available as picture and fact books. Lilian Ahlm and Tor Englund are teacher educators at the Stockholm School of Education. Lilian Ahlm is the initiator of and responsible for the specialization Mathematics in interaction with Swedish. Tor Englund is the Director of Studies for the Mathematics Department and works with the didactics of mathematics. Lilian Ahlm and Tor Englund have been involved in producing the games and games available on the CD-ROM. They have also examined the educational content as a whole.
Swedish ISO Demo 306MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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