Karlsson På Taket Och Kuckelimuckmedecinen [Sw] Pan Vision 2003

There is only one in the whole house that is unusual, and it is Karlsson on the roof. He lives up on the roof, Karlsson, and already that is quite unusual. At a very ordinary street in Stockholm in a very ordinary house lives a very ordinary dad, and a very ordinary mother and three very ordinary children, Bosse, Bettan and Lillebror. I am not at all a regular little brother, "says Lillebror. But he lies there. He is plain ordinary. There are so many boys who are seven years old and have blue eyes and blunt nose and unwashed ears and pants that are always broken on their knees, so Still, Lillebror is quite ordinary, that thing is safe. Bosse is fifteen years old and likes football and is doing poorly in school, so he is quite ordinary he too, and Bettan is fourteen and has her hair combed in ponytail just like other very ordinary girls. Karlsson is a beautiful, through-clock and just thick man in his best years. He has a propeller on his back that allows him to fly. Together with his friend, Lillebror, he is constantly out on adventures and mischievous missions.
Swedish ISO Demo 295MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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