Kunskapslandet [Sw] Young Genius 1996

This is an educational Swedish game for kids. The country of knowledge is full of fun and clever things to do for curious children. Choose between coloring letters and numbers, practicing simple mathematics, preparing clocks together with watchmaker Anton, practicing forms and colors, puzzle, playing memory, crossword puzzles and much, much more. Also with high-quality graphics and nice animations. And of course, completely without violence. Paint the alphabet and numbers - in four languages. The child acquainted with letters and numbers by coloring images according to their own head. For example, if the letter "m" is selected, an image of something starting with "m" (eg "mouse") is displayed. When the picture is finished, the child may hear the word pronounced and see how it is written. With words and numbers in one of four languages ​​- Swedish, English, German and Russian. Learn the clock with watchmaker Anton. Anton needs help in his watchmaking. Here it is a matter of sorting clocks, adding different times, finding clocks that Anton lost and much more. In different levels of difficulty from beginner to expert level. By moving a pointer, the child can also see what Anton does at different times from the time he wakes up in the morning and settles down in the evening. Simple bill. In simple and fun counting exercises, the child gets to practice the basics of mathematics on its own. The computer asks, and the child answers. Fun with pictures. The imagery is trained in several developing exercises. For example, it is necessary to pair images with each other and make clear half-finished pictures. In one exercise, four pictures are shown - and one is to be deleted. The child can also puzzle together funny faces of loose noses, mouths, eyes, ears etc. Form and color exercises. The special drawing and painting program provides opportunities to create your own images. Here the child can also test their ability to recognize and use different shapes, shapes and colors. Developing and fun especially for smaller children. Make crosswords. Vocabulary and logical thinking are trained in fun crosswords. An image is displayed and the child writes the word in the crossword. Here it is important to be quick to get high scores. Four languages ​​to choose from - Swedish, English, German and Russian. Train the memory. In Kunskapslandet there are several tricky memory games. Among other things, a memory where the child competes with the computer. And in the "animal house" it is important to remember which animals are behind the curtains. The child can also be a part of Kunskapslandets Stora Minnestävling - a challenge in four classes, from simple to super difficult. Logical thinking. The child can really train his logical mind in the country of knowledge. In the "Monkey Game", the acrobatic monkeys should be moved so that the smallest monkey Chicki can get his long-awaited path. There are also logical puzzles where you have to put the right piece in the right place. Fun and challenging. Program Facts: The country of knowledge consists partly of the Young Genius programs Paint Alphabet, What is the clock? and New Lekis. Suitable for children between 3 and 8 years. Contains exercises in mathematics, the clock, words, forms, colors, logical thinking and much more.
Swedish ISO Demo 77MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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