Super Phantom Cat Veewo Games / WhiteLake Studio 2019

This is a retro platformer in which you explore quirky environments, clear colorful levels, solve the mysteries shrouding the Phantom world and rescue your kidnapped little sister, Ina. Features: Five chapters with 35 highly imaginative storyline levels; A different unique mechanism for each chapter. Tons of environments to explore: forest, meadow, lakeside, underwater, desert - you’ll even get to hop onto trains; Explore in all four directions. The levels may seem short, but there’s actually lots of hidden content for you to dig up; Collect gold coins and brew powerful potions- Scale mountains, go swimming, climb through tunnels... the world is your oyster; A progress bar for each level. If you love exploring environments, you’ll have the time of your life; Five insane, unpredictable but super fun skills; Toss some seeds in the game world and see what sprouts. Freeze your enemies... and use those poor frozen guys as traps; Teleportation may be convenient, but you’ll never know when you’ll land in somewhere unfamiliar; Countless wacky Easter eggs to discover; A cat that walks backwards, a rapping bea. Try skating on ice and see what craziness ensues; Highly acclaimed original soundtrack. Last but not least: We’ve also got heaps of skins for you to unlock and collect; Meet adorable cats of all shapes and sizes, each with their own outrageous skills; A production system where you brew a variety of potions for your own use; You can also produce keys using gold coins you collect from around the Phantom world.
Download: None currently available

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