Pocoman! Sleepless Software Inc. 1996

This is a Sokoban clone with a very colorful and cute character, PocoMan, the 21st century super-hero of microscopic proportions. It's imprisoned in a trap made of fifty mazes which must all be solved to escape. On each level, the player must push all the objects onto the target spots (marked with X's). As usual for Sokoban games, only one crate can be pushed at a time and they cannot be pulled, so the player must be careful not to get stuck. Completing each level unlocks the next one. The protagonist can be moved with the keyboard, or by clicking and holding the mouse on the target square. Additionally, by Shift-clicking, the player can enable the "Super-Poco-Mode" where PocoMan constantly follows the cursor movements. A single crate push can be undone at any time. This game is easily found on the internet, but it's 2 level packs, however are not. There are 2 level packs: Daisy Pack levels were available for free if you told the developers a joke (10 levels) and the other, Green Machine, was available for sale (30 levels).
Full Demo + 2 Level Packs 2.5MB (uploaded by BR4ZIL)

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