Zone Impact NewSoft 1998

A simple Arkanoid style game created by the Spanish company which specializes in the release of budget games. The goal of the game is to successively complete a series of levels, for which it is necessary to break all the blocks on the screen with the help of a flying ball, which must be reflected from the lower edge of the screen with the help of a horizontally moving racket. On the right side of the screen there is an interface that displays the number of lives (each ball missed - lost life), the number of blocks of each color, the number of colors of blocks per field, and the level number. From some breakable blocks, as well as from time to time, various bonuses fall out from somewhere, which can increase or decrease the speed of the ball and the length of the racket, arm it with a laser, shooting from which you can destroy the blocks, give an extra life or, on the contrary, take it away. The game looks very colorful (but only in the 640x480 window), the gameplay is accompanied by fervent music, and in general the game leaves a very positive impression, but it has nothing to stand out among many others.
Full Demo 8.5MB (uploaded by
included in New Games (98) - 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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