Madoc: The Mad Doctor Newsoft 1998

As you know, the task of mad scientists is to conduct crazy experiments and create crazy monsters. And the task of crazy monsters is to get out of control. This is what happened to the work of Dr. Madoc, Frankie (guessing where the ears of prehistory grow from is not a problem). Moreover, Frankie was cloned, and now the laboratory was flooded with many monsters, whose presence makes it impossible to continue research! And, although the doctor is armed with a pistol, it is impossible to kill all Frankie - it really hurts the original creator. This is the story of this funny Spanish platformer. By controlling the doctor, we have to get to the laboratory site, where it will be possible to regain control of what is happening. In the meantime, you will have to jump through swimming pools filled with predatory fish, avoid bombs that are most likely placed against thieves, climb stairs, dodge metal balls that roll constantly and overcome other obstacles. In addition, you need to collect the chemical elements that the doctor needs to fulfill his mission, and the player to open the transition to the next level. Like all games from this budget developer, it runs at 640x480, the graphics are juicy and bright, the scale is very similar to Crazy Balls, the gameplay is accompanied by an unobtrusive soundtrack, and the menu made in Spanish is intuitively clear - there is no other text in the game.
Full Demo 7.52MB (uploaded by
included in New Games (98) - 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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