Crazy Balls NewSoft 1998

A very curious arcade game originally from Spain. We have to play for a boy moving horizontally across the screen on which they fly, forgetting about gravity ... no, not balls, as one might think, looking at the name, but stone boulders, collisions with which are so traumatic that they take life, but if life was the last, then they would knock the spirit out of the little hero. What to do? Fight for your life. The boy has a weapon with which he can shoot strictly vertically and which can be improved with the help of knock-out bonuses. If initially a player has only a spear tip tied to a rope, then soon he will acquire a blaster, and in the future - an even more impressive weapon. But, nevertheless, life will not become easier: the fact is that large stones are scattered into several smaller, but no less dangerous ones, and you can pass the level only by completely clearing the screen of boulders. The situation is further complicated by the fact that from level to level the number of stones will increase, and new (destroyed and indestructible) objects will appear, from which stones will also ricochet, as well as from the borders of the screen. Just like the other games from the developer, it runs in a small window 640x480, but has much more beautiful graphics, and this time the gameplay is accompanied by pleasant music, which in combination with interesting and relatively high complexity renders it to some extent honourable.
Full Demo 7.46MB (uploaded by
included in New Games (98) - 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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