Pinblock NewSoft 1998

An Arkanoid style game from the Spanish company which produced mostly budget games, which immediately after their release became great rarities. There are two modes to choose from: "Scene" and "Maniac"; the second one differs from the first one by a somewhat higher complexity and appearance of the platform, which has evil eyes and two fangs (!) in it. The goal is obvious - to push the ball through the said platform in such a way that it breaks the blocks on the screen and eventually clears the entire space from them. Balls are given three jokes; From time to time various bonuses fall out of destructible elements - both useful and harmful. The former include, for example, a temporary increase in the length of the platform or the acquisition of magnetic properties by it (as a result, the ball returning to its surface will remain there until we give it a start command); to the second - reducing the size of the receiving element (also temporary) or, say, the destruction of the ball (the “bonus” in the form of a skull leads to it; naturally, no one forces you to take it, nor any other, you can dodge). The level of difficulty in both modes does not exceed the conditional "average" mark. Saying something about graphics is difficult, because it is not traditionally appreciated in such games: on the whole, everything is drawn well, and a certain minimalist surroundings are even beneficial, because they allow us not to be distracted from the process. Like most NewSoft rarities, it's perfect for a casual five minute rest.
Full Demo 17.14MB (uploaded by
included in New Games (98) - 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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