Baby Bomb NewSoft 1998

A rather entertaining and objectively difficult Spanish arcade from the maker of budget games, which is a peculiar variation on the theme of the immortal Bomberman. The perspective of the view is "pseudo-isometric"; under our control is a boy in a red suit and yellow helmet, armed (already at the time of launch) is not the smallest number of bombs. Subsequently, the stock of the latter can be replenished with the help of two types of bonuses: single checkers and "clusters" that look like a bundle of three pieces, but in fact contain much more "hellish machines" (therefore do not be surprised that after installing the ammunition parts of the screen does not change). The action takes place "in nature" (first in the forest, then in the caves), but clearly in a fictional world inhabited by monsters; how the boy got there and why all this is happening is not explained. Bombs are originally the only way for the protagonist to defend and advance. His path is often littered with all sorts of obstacles, such as stones, logs and so on - and for their destruction it is necessary to lay explosives, detonating somewhere after a second after that, and then quickly run off, moreover, so as not to fall under the shock wave guaranteed to deprive the hero of one of the "lives". It goes without saying that hostile creatures can be found behind obstacles (in the forest they are red big-eyed balls, in the caves blue pieces of mucus are added to them - also with eyes; and then bees will appear) who are not able to overcome these barriers independently freedom and begin to rush quickly through a very small location, and often purposefully pursuing the protagonist. The contact of the protagonist with the enemy leads to the death of the latter and the loss by the first of one of the “lives”, of which at a time there can be no more than three pieces. The revival takes place on the starting point of the current location (and not the level), while the previous achievements (in the form of dead enemies and destroyed objects) are preserved. There are only two useful bonuses: a smiling alter ego figurine - an additional "life" (alas, sometimes - like at the very beginning, for example - it comes across with a full set of those, but it is impossible to bypass it, which means that selecting this bonus does not lead to anything) , and a head with a helmet pulled down over your eyes - a temporary acceleration of movement. By the way, it is necessary to pay attention to the expression of the faces of the above-mentioned "dolls" that are found in the course of the passage - it can be not only joyful, but also surprised. In the latter case, we have a separate type of bonuses, the result of which is unpredictable: for example, we can get extra points (by default, the counter in the upper right corner of the screen increases after the "effective" explosions) or even another "life" - but we risk remain without any effect, or even die. The “bonuses” in the form of the head of the protagonist against the background of the “skull with bones” sign hardly need explanations regarding their effect, and it is clear that they should be avoided as far as possible; only the latter, alas, is not always that easy, especially when a whole flock of balls or pieces of mucus is worn around you in a tiny location ... We also note here that later the hero will have the same weapon - magic charges. From a visual point of view, the game looks "simple, but with taste": the effects are minimalist (although the explosions are rather colorful, and the death scenes with the hero falling on their backs are even a little pictures) - but this only helps to focus better on what is happening; The soft palette is also good for the cause. In general, a good and not the simplest Spanish arcade game, which is perfect for fans of simple (in terms of understanding) entertainment, where success requires the speed of both fingers and brains.
Full Demo 15.59MB (uploaded by
included in New Games (98) - 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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