Mamma Mu Och Kråkan [Sw] Gammafon / Pan Vision 2004

Mama Moo is a weird cow with strange little horns who never contented themselves with just being a cow. With her by her side she has the crow; an ingenious little crow that really thinks a cow should be a cow. But who thinks it's really fun to play with what Mamma Mu finds. The games are especially fun. One can, for example, help Mamma Mu to jump crazy and beautiful swimming, teach her cycling; dance co-disks with her in the courtyard; fish; cycling in the dark after a buried treasure or trying to take a photograph of her co-buddies, which is not all that easy because a cow that has just eaten can be a little necessary. The voices in the game belong to Jujja Wieslander as Mamma Mu and Anders Ågren as Kråkan. Illustrations by Sven Nordqvist. For kids 4-8 years.
Swedish ISO Demo 278MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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