Yuyuko's Butterfly Dream Mescaline's Wings 2019

Early Access Release This is a Platform Action Doujin game originated from Touhou Project with puzzle elements and side-line stories included. The story is about Yuyuko breaking into a strange new dreamland where she meets Netherworld creatures and mysterious travellers. In attempts to explore the secrets of this fairyland, searching for its root and a way out, Yuyuko is now on her way for an unknown adventure. Yuyuko, a ghost princess who has departed a thousand years ago, is equipped with the ability to invite one to his death. In a doze, she finds herself in a mystic land filled with scents from Netherworld and its creatures.Those familiar magic crafts and spells. And the Death Butterflies surrounding, all recalls the memories sealed for a thousand years. Features: Smooth and Simple Action Combats; Exciting Boss Encounters; Diverse Item System; Rich Puzzle Elements; Choices-Depending Narratives; Multiple Game Ending; Touhou Project Roles; Classic Japanese Scenes; Excellent Music; Promising Future Updates.
Download: None currently available

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