Playerless: One Button Adventure Moonlit 2020

Release Date: Oct What do NPCs do when the player is not around? Set inside another game, this offers a glimpse of the backstage. Bring up AI in this uniquely cute puzzle adventure with dark undertones. It happens inside another game, which was perfectly normal - until the player abandoned it and the AI gained self-awareness. Your character - the debug unit - was built by a team of long-forgotten developers to help them fix it when needed. But the task you two are facing now is much more difficult than that - is fixing what the world truly needs? See for yourself what years of solitude and playerlessness can do to NPCs - and the player character himself. Your character is not your property. But as long as you’re on friendly terms, you can gently nudge it in the right direction. Just remember - unlike the player of the other game, you have real influence on the game and its inhabitants. To the AI, you’re like a human parent, and you’d better be a good one. The game’s physical mechanism is broken, too. Only one button is still working. While you’re still figuring out a way to communicate with the debug unit, you’ll encounter obstacles that require you two to cooperate - and figure out what this all is really about.
Download: None currently available

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