Barbie Generation Girl: Gotta Groove Mattel Interactive / Vivendi Universal Publishing 1999

Dance and perform the coolest moves with Barbie and her Generation Girl friends. Welcome to this CD-ROM where dancing, cool music and friendship are where it's at. The Generation Girl friends love to do things together, especially dance. Ana knows salsa, Nichelle lives for swing dancing, while Tori loves athletic hip-hop moves. Chelsie does dreamy European dances, and Barbie loves dancing to pop music. Lara will assist you in creating cool sets for your final performance. You'll love helping each Generation Girl share her own special moves with her friends. Getting ready for the big dance performance at the International High School in New York is the best, as you help the girls create and practice routines, choose cool costumes and design beautiful stage sets. Then you get to put on your special show in the Performance Dome. Together, well all be the stars of the show
ISO Demo + Scans 425MB (uploaded by HappySmile33)

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