Pet Vet 3D: Animal Hospital BrainGame Publishing GmbH / Viva Media LLC 2005

Experience what it's like to be a veterinarian in this simulation. You are the doctor in your very own clinic and your patients are your favorite animals - cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and more. You will examine each of your patients and find out how to treat them. All of the information and tools you need are inside the game to help you. Over 100 animal illnesses and conditions for 6 animal species are covered. If they are sick enough, admit them into your hospital. As they improve, you can pet and play with them, teach them new tricks and even ride the horses. As in real life, the doctor (and the animals) must eat, exercise and sleep. The hospital must be equipped and staffed - all of which you will perform within the game. Before you can actually see patients, shop for books, medical instruments, food and toys. Animals will begin coming in once kennels, pens and other enclosures have been added and you've earned your "specialist certificate". Play in one of 3 modes: Easy, Medium or Hard. You can also choose to play in "scenario" or "free-play" mode. All movement and actions are "point-and-click". Graphics are 3D so you are able to see all parts of a scene by zooming in/out or rotating your angle of view.
Mitt Djursjukhus - Swedish ISO Demo 234MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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