Nicke Och Nilla: Showtime! [Sw] Pan Vision 2002

The goal of the game is to collect "Nicke & Nilla" tokens. You gain tokens at following instructions from the cards, as well as winning tokens from your challenges. Nicke and Nilla have promised to put together a show and they need your help. Create a hit in the music studio and put together a fun stage show with dance numbers and lighting effects. In Addition, Nicke & Nilla need help with costumes, wigs, hats and styling. Challenge your buddies - Who is the funniest performer? Also pay attention to the child Guardian missions. The missions help you, along with the Nicke & Nilla, with children who have fallen into trouble. Speed and planning are needed to avoid mixing up the discs. How Many discs Do You pack?
Swedish ISO Demo 220MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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