Olsenbanden jr. i Vikingenes Fotspor [Nor] Art Plant / Pan Vision 2005

Ever since the Olsen band Jr. was presented to us in 2001 as a Christmas calendar on TV2, we have now been fascinated by these three boys Egon, Benny and the little nervous Kjell. Nor should we forget about the lovely and sweet Valborg who is totally on the rooster after Kjell. In 2003, the movie "The Olsen Bands Go Under Water" was released and in 2004 came "The Olsen Band on the Rocker'n", which also became the most visited Norwegian film with more than 405,000 visitors. This time this original PC adventure story has roots back to the Viking Age. A group of criminals kidnaps a history teacher, who is a Viking expert, for him to show them a secret Viking tomb. The Olsen band contacts their old history teacher and gives this out on an exciting race to prevent the villains from discovering the tomb. Through 10 missions, players will solve the mystery. For every mission they manage, they get closer to the goal. As always, Olsenbanden Jr. has both cops and villains on his heels.
Norwegian ISO Demo 198MB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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