Soul at Stake: Aria in the Ashes Chongming Studio 2019

This DLC of Soul at Stake, includes a new Devil "the Actor", a new Gambler "Henry", and a new map the "Mourning Theater". The Actor may attack in a range mode, which is the default starting mode, or a melee mode, where he becomes invisible and only appears when attacking. He may switch between the two modes by casting a spell, or whenever he hits a Gambler. Additionally, Gamblers hear opera instead of heartbeats when they are playing against the Actor. The Actor's cheats - Endless Echo: The Actor may teleport to a cardholder and make it resonate with him, confusing nearby Gamblers with his vocal. Only one cardholder gets this effect at a time. Unregretful: No matter how deep in the hell I'm falling into, I never had any regrets. When hitting a target from distance, the Actor switches his mode after X seconds. New Gambler: Henry. Henry's Cheats - Bribe God - When having no cards in hand, Henry may offer a multiple of X Stakes to seal a Joker in the cardholder, which represents the multiple. Bribe Devil - Henry may offer at most X Stakes to reduce the duration of negative effects. New Map: Mourning Theater. Little did people know the well-known theater would ended up in the ashes.The leading actor April's performance is still unforgettable to many people. They filled this theater every night only wishing to listen to his remarkable vocal and fascinating performance. To everyone's surprise, the theater became a living hell in one night. The numerous opera put up on this stage, as well as the everlasting romance happened here, all ended up in the flames and mourns, together with April's finale.
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