Myha: Return to the Lost Island Denis Martin, Simon Says: Play! 2019

A lost island on a faraway moon from the creators of ASA: A Space Adventure and RoonSehv: NeTerra. This is a first person scifi adventure game developed by Denis Martin with Unreal Engine 4, based on the Black Cube series created by Simon Mesnard. It was funded on Kickstarter in November 2017. You are a cosmonaut from the country of Tongolia on planet Terra in 2012, sent to the Moon to identify a distress signal. It was supposed to be the one of Philippe Forté, an astronaut who disappeared the year before. But when you land and explore the moon, there is no more signal. Mysterious events occur: you discover a strange Black Cube artefact that teleports you to an unidentified island, in an all new world. This island is in another solar system, far away, on a moon called Myha. There, someone was obviously waiting for you in order to test you... For what purpose? Features: A cooperation between Simon Mesnard (ASA: A Space Adventure, Catyph, Kitrinos) and Denis Martin (RoonSehv); Created in Unreal Engine 4, the first game in the Black Cube series to benefit from full3D graphics; This is a remake of the free original 2d game 'Myha' of 2016, with new puzzles, an improved island, increased lifetime, updated story, and more; All new Original Soundtrack composed by Olivier Maurey (Age of Sounds); Challenge your skills with the Black Cube series - rigorously explore the world by taking notes on a sheet of paper and solve puzzles with an advanced difficulty to progress in the game; 10+ hours of gameplay, animated opening and ending videos, English/French voices, immersive scifi story.
Download: None currently available

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