Street Cop: Bulsang-eul Chajara [K] Inter House 1995

This adventure was made in 10 months, and won the grand prize at the game competition hosted by '95 computer master Hanmadang ', a computer software exhibition co-hosted by Samsung Electronics and Samsung Data Systems. For the contents, the main character 'Detective Oh' decided to donate it to the country after the owner of the national treasure class 'Buddhist statue of Jin-dong' from the 'Han Sangcheon'. It is a story that takes place when we receive a report that a Buddhist statue was stolen and you find who the thief in the house was and resolve the case within 48 hours. This work expresses an interactive genre from the game title screen, but the real image and the animation are not entered. There is simply a multi-ending system in which choices are present and endings according to options are split. So the content of the fact is just an adventure game. However, it is not an interactive game that does not have any grounds. There was no video or animation. In the work, we take the way of voice by supporting full voice without text line. The producers said that ten voice actors participated in the recording. Unlike the 'Golden Impossible' (1998), which is actually a nonprofessional actor who dubbed 100% professional voice recordings, this work sounds quite familiar by using real professional voice actors. However, the total amount of metabolism is not so much. There are few characters, but some characters use the same voice and feel that they are less invested in the voice casting side. The characters and background are cartoon style, especially portraits of Korean characters in the 90s. This work is given a 48 hour limit from the date of the incident to the day after the event to donate the national treasure trove of art, which is spent all the time spent talking to the NPC, traveling in the car and getting close to 48 hours. It is very inconvenient and inconvenient to move the vehicle because the time is different according to the selection line. The production company explained that this work actually contains a map of the city of Seoul and added vividness. However, this is actually a point that is displayed as a dot when moving in a car with the name of the city in Seoul and a list of addresses. You cannot walk around Seoul city freely. You can only go to the next destination in the story. When you go to the destination, it is only a matter of choosing which road you are driving along. Depending on the chosen route, the time it takes to get to the destination is different. The problem with the game system part is that it does not support 'save' function at all. If you get a game over, you have to start over. That's why there is a separate PASS system, which supports events and metabase skipping. If you have a game over, you can skip to the pass until you get past the game over. However, you can not skip everything. Vehicle movement and combat events can not be skipped. The battle takes place during the storyline to catch suspects in the event or to beat someone to get a hint. When an opponent attacks on the screen indiscriminately with fists and feet. You must alternate between the punch and kick icons in the bottom center of the screen, then click on the enemy to reduce the health gauge. Hit points are fixed. A health gauge is several spaces, but in reality you can win a battle by hitting only three hit points. (Face with punches, kick with chest, punch down the left side and hit 3 times). If you can not defeat the enemy within the time limit of the battle, or if the physical strength gauge on the offender's side is blinking, you will be treated as defeated in battle and a time delay will occur. In the battle scene where the suspects face a potential suspect in the latter half of the game, they are directly linked to the game over, regardless of the time remaining. The production team will put it into their own mini-game, but only a certain hit point can be priced. If the price is there, the battle is over and it does not function as a mini game. Rather, if you do not know the hit point, no matter how you click it, you can not damage it. There is no time penalty after the defeat, and the development of repeated fighting till the win is a bit of a hiccup. When you investigate and search the case, you have to spend enough time to make a check and make a mystery. One of the three choices in the survey route is correct answer. The other two do not have anything to investigate, so the investigation is meaningless and makes the game play only slow. If you select the correct answer, but you can go ahead in time, it may be that you did not support the save function and replaced it with the skip function. In the situation where the perpetrator is revealed, the decisive hint that precedes the evidence that proves the crime is a fake hint that may come to the last minute and overtake the game over. It is a matter of course to get a game over before the ending, but this is not a game over. It is a reversal to the proof of evidence at the moment of the inference of the reasoning, and there is taste as a thrill in its own way.
Korean ISO Demo + DOSBox 92MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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