Dispel [K] Abalon Studio / E2 Soft 2000

This is an old school cRPG game with action shown from an isometric perspective. We play the role of one of the four characters: Knight, Warrior, Archer or Mage and we try to save the world from the imminent destruction. The action takes place on the continent of Dman, divided into three lands: Aesh, Shereg and Yam. A terrifying prophecy makes the people of Dman sleep uneasily. It tells of Harass’ return, a cruel god of destruction, and the number of bloody wars that will start once he is back. As it usually is, the player is the only person able to stop the approaching doom. Features: Three lands, 15 cities and hundreds of characters to meet; 25 extensive dungeons and catacombs; Four character classes: knight, warrior, archer and mage; Character development system; Non-linear story; 30 sorts of monsters; 41 magic spells, 80 kinds of weapons and armor (with an enhancement system); Trading and bargaining; Nice graphics with isometric camera.
Korean 2CD ISO Demo 853MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Polish ISO Demo 541MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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