Mondo Medicals + Mondo Agency Cactus Software 2007

Mondo Medicals comes from developer of Hotline Miami using Game Maker within 72 hours as an entry for a contest on the website TIGSource. The contest, bearing the theme "B-Games", challenged participants to create "bad games with great personalities". Welcome to Mondo Medicals. You have applied for research. You will help us help you. Help to find the cure for cancer. First we need to verify you. A test will perform this. We hold no responsibility for your safety. If you want to stop now... Don't stop. You do want to cure cancer don't you? this will just have to put you through eight grueling 'illogical' puzzle tests that force counter intuitive thinking. A simple example of such a puzzle is a hall with an arrow pointing down it, instead of following the arrow one would go the opposite way. However, such a logical illogical solution will not hold through all the puzzles. These tests occur in gray maze-like environments, that exude a dehumanizing lab rat quality, the goal being to find the areas exit. The only controls are movement, handled by arrow keys, and a generic 'interact' command, activated by pressing 'Z'. At the start of each test you'll be given some small clue as to how to solve it, often this clue is very vague or not immediately intelligible. Common elements of the tests are stenciled arrows on the floor, concealed doors, cubical buttons, and mobile walls. Constantly the sound of what seems to be a muffled heartbeat can be heard, most often accompanied by the rubbery thuds of your footfalls. After each mission you'll see a video of a man in black who'll tell you about his fight to cure cancer. These interludes are in 'engrish', and his tone is one of anger, pity, and menace. Just what sort of testing have you been involved in, what sort of place is Mondo Medicals? Mondo Agency A sequel to the bizarre Mondo Medicals, it's a peculiar, surreal game which pits you as "Agent-65386", who receives a mission to prevent the assassination of the President "before or after it happens". Before you'll reach the President, though, you'll have to get through several "Submissions" that will test your mind, sanity and reflex alike, forcing you to jump on disappearing platforms, avoid getting confused by clever illusions, and look out for attacking enemies. The game takes place in several dull, dark-gray environments set on surfaces floating in endless black void, inhabited apparently by a society of robot people with cuboid heads. Between Submissions, you are treated to the sight of a lone, robot figure, giving you a half-insane rant about the current situation or about some random topic. The game is played from a first-person perspective, with the character able to walk, jump and (after receiving a weapon) shoot things. The goal in each Submission is to activate the exit platform and enter it.
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both included in Cactus Arcade - Free Collection 46MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Mondo Medicals - Free Game 3MB (uploaded by Brothersoft)
Mondo Agency - Free Game 7.5MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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