Catch a Lover Toxic Dog 2017

This a multiplayer game for 2-4 players in which one plays the role of the husband, who needs to catch wife's lover. Lover at the same time, should do everything to find a way out of the house. Another two playable characters - wife and dog. Features: Play with company from 2 to 4 people; 4 playable characters with unique skills; Big house with interactive environment and physics objects; Unreal Engine, providing high performance gaming experience; The high level of replayability - the location of items is randomly generated; A fun and addictive gameplay. Characters: Husband - Husband's goal is to find the Lover and punish him. He can punch and take small objects and throw them; Dog - Dog's goal is to help husband. He can't open the doors. He can make "traps" for Lover. If he finds a lover's clothes, he can track him. He can bark and bite; Lover - Lover's goal is to find his clothes and to escape from the house. He has inventory and health. He can make traps for husband. He can die from falling from a height; Wife - Wife's goal is to prevent husband from finding a Lover. Beware of husband - his punches are very painful and his anger is very high. Help Lover to find his clothes. Clean up where the dog was.
Download: None currently available

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