Wounded Workbench Entertainment 2019

This is a brief horror game project with a simple story, made after two failed crowdfunding campaigns. The goal of this game is to bring you that old indie horror vibe back from where it all started. You control Tim, an estranged father desperately trying to find his lost daughter, Lisa. His journey is tough and upmost challenging, through places filled with paranoia and anxiety. It's more of an atmospheric indie horror. It doesn't rely on many jump scares. The environment detail and sounds play a role in the scare factor as well. A few puzzles that require some thinking, combined with a simple enemy AI, will bring back that good old indie horror vibe that we all love. Since it's not a horror if you fight back, hiding and avoiding the enemy is the best decision in this game. Features: Interesting puzzles and mysteries; Sounds that enhance the atmosphere; Well crafted environment.
Download: None currently available

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