Skägget I Brevlådan [Sw] Pan Vision 2008

This is a 2008 Christmas calendar. The action revolves around the three friends Klas, Lage and Renée. When it approaches Christmas and it has become time to post the usual wish list to the site, they accidentally accidentally send off a shopping list and now they risk only getting groceries as a Christmas gift. This causes the gang to embark on a long and eventful hunt for the plot. This mythical figure, so happy to stay away. Pretty soon they notice that evil forces and shady types are on the move, and that all Christmas is threatened. Just as in the TV series, the game is about finding the plot. By completing a new game every day in December until Christmas Eve, you get more and more clues. When all the clues are in place, you know where he is. You can handle the games by being quick-paced, punctual and able to memorize and sort.
Swedish ISO Demo 151MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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