Sofie Sjung Lek Och Lär [Sw] Kreagames 2009

Now she is here: Sofie is cheerful, happy and funny - she is no less than Josefin's little sister. There is a lot to discover and do together with Sofie and her friend Moffe. The children learn, among other things, about letters, numbers, colors and shapes and with many small games and songs there is a lot to grab. Join us on exploration trips in Sofie's room. In this game you can, among other things: Learn about the clock; Experience Sofie's room; Learn to recognize different coins; Sing and play; Put together different shapes. The Sofie games are aimed at the youngest children in pre-school age. Listen to songs and fairy tales in the stereo or in the car and play the games on the computer.
Swedish ISO Demo 285MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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