Off Mortis Ghost / Unproductive Fun Time 2008

This is an rpg originally released in French, it has since received an English translation in 2012. The player enters their name and are informed that they are now in control of "The Batter," a quiet man in a baseball uniform and the game's main character. Fairly simple, huh? Well, it gets weirder. The game takes place in a world nothing like what you know. The Batter encounters, only a few moments after you gained control, a white, wise and snarky cat with a Cheshire Cat Grin that calls himself "The Judge." The people in this world - referred to by fans as Elsens, though otherwise normal human men - are practically all Inexplicably Identical Individuals other than the items merchant Zacharie, who has perfected Breaking the Fourth Wall (not that the other characters are any better; the player is repeatedly addressed personally). Strange creatures called Spectres are terrorizing everything in sight and mighty Guardians rule over the lands of the world, called Zones. The Batter's mission is to "purify the world" from these Spectres, and you have to help him with it. The game's become reputable on Tumblr, being the sixth most reblogged game of 2013 (in comparison, every other game on the list are big name titles).
French Free Game + OST 27MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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English Translation v3.0 99MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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