Pineview Drive: Homeless VIS-Games / SilentFuture 2019

This is a direct sequel to the game Pineview Drive. It offers an exciting mix of adventure and psychological horror. The former Army soldier Miles Roberts wanders one night along the coast as a thunderstorm came up. For protection from the weather, he is looking for a place to sleep for the night. Almost as if summoned, he finds the old abandoned country house at the end of Pineview Drive. Without knowing what awaits him there that night, he enters the house. From here begins his biggest nightmare when trying to leave the house alive again. It gives a deeper insight into the dark history of the old estate. Features: Nonlinear gameplay; Dark atmosphere; Exciting puzzles and quests; Countless shock moments; The more reaction the player shows to terrifying moments, the more health is lost.
Download: None currently available

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