Fight the Horror 4DMACAU 2019

A multiplayer, heart-thumping, survival horror role-playing thriller game that you can’t miss. Dizzy and stumbling, you are corralled into a pitch-black room with other people. You recognize a few of them, but you are not sure. They sit in the room, distant and detached. A screen flickers to life and a strange, illusory story starts and enrapture you and your fellow captives. One and all hold on their breath... Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of a city you seem to remember from your past. Something isn’t right. To survive in this strange timeline and have a chance to escape, you have to solve all puzzles and defeat the insidious boss lurking behind all this. The situation is dire and dangerous, but you are no longer alone. Online multiplayer mode for nine players: Three people work in a team and three teams total will compete against each other. A suspense game based on real stories: Adapted from seven historical events in Macao with various endings depending on player’s choices. Diversified gameplay: To solve suspenseful puzzles, kill powerful monsters, and survive suspicious mechanisms. Unique worship and burial system: death is not the end, but the beginning of another chapter.
Download: None currently available

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